Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Holidays are here, try moderating your cheat meals.

The Holidays have arrived and the cookies and sweets have arrived as well.  It's very difficult for me to resist all the goodies that are around or gifted to me by family, friends and patients.  I have been known to have a STRONG sweet tooth myself.  The important thing to remember is that it's OK to cheat once in a while, just make sure it's done in moderation.  My Mother has been know to make the most amazing sugar cookies I've ever tasted and she makes them in abundant supply.  Anytime I'm at my parents house, I have to talk my self out of finishing the whole plate.  Then I remember the famous words of my old man, "all things in moderation."  He is a very wise man.  To eliminate all of life's pleasures is unhealthy, but moderate amounts within healthy ranges are fine.  I love the 80/20 rule.  Make sure 80% of what you eat is as perfect as possible and the rest can be what you want.  So, in closing, enjoy the Holidays with your family.  Leave the guilt behind and have some cookies, egg nog and Holiday Treats.  It's a short time of year and won't kill your health.  Happy Holidays everyone and here's a heads up.  Starting in January, we will be launching a huge Nutritional Purification Campaign in our office complete with weekly lectures and information.  We will follow that with a month of Fitness promotion to round out your New Years Resolutions.  Always remember, Life is better when you're Well Adjusted!

Dr. Caldwell